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Clean Meals provides healthy meal plans; our meals are balanced so that our body will reach the necessary nutrients at the right time. At lunch, we serve proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates because it is during the day that we need energy.  At night we only serve proteins and vegetables because we are resting, and the body does not need extra calories.

We serve greek yogurt, chicken wraps, or a pudding we produce with eggs, oats, and protein powder as a snack.  We do different flavors like coconut, lemon, peanut butter. Our meals are prepared daily with fresh and natural products without fat or salt additions, so sodium levels are deficient. We make deliveries every day in the morning to your home or workplace, wherever it is more convenient.

This nutrition plan has been proven in our own bodies, coaches, and athletes, corroborating this success. If you give your body what it needs, it will respond efficiently, removing the excess of fat, extra weight and allowing you to achieve your goals.

Find the meal plan that you prefer here! Eat Clean, Live Lean, Clean Meals Miami.