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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

1. Billing POLICY 

We have an auto-renewal charging billing platform. Every Clean Meal arrangements are on auto-reestablish. Your charge card will naturally be re-charged no less than 4 days before begin your next arrangement. You will be charged the same sum of the arrangement that was initially agreed excluding any other initial promotional offer or discounts. If you don't mind be prompted that your re-charging date can changed based on your orders. In the event that you pick a bigger number of things on any given day than you agreed to, your assets will exhaust sooner thus setting off the auto-reestablishment include sooner. To inform us that you don't wish to AUTO-RENEW for an ensuing charging cycle, we require notice in composing no less than 4 business days before your present system cycle finishing. In the event that you wish not to auto-restore, please email to us with Subject: NO AUTO-RENEW in the title of your email and send your solicitation to If it's not too much trouble take note of that in the event that we don't get notice in composing no less than 4 business days before your present project cycle closes, you will naturally be charged for an extra cycle and will be committed to proceed with administration through the resulting cycle(s). On the off chance that you have questions about the development date of your charging cycle, you can email All clients will be required to finish a way out overview preceding arrangement end. 

2. Delivery FEES 

We charge a variable FEE for every delivery relying upon the zone. Delivery charges are paid ahead of time alongside your arrangement membership. 

3. Cancelation POLICY 

In the event that you wish to suspend your whole program, please email Be advised that you are committed to finish your service through the end of your present cycle and no refunds will be given. On the off chance that cancellation solicitations are not got no less than 4 business days before auto reestablishment, you will be consequently re-charged for another cycle and will be committed to proceed with service through the end of that cycle. 

4. Bags and Ice Gel Packs

In order to increase the quality of our product, beginning  next week Monday 08/08/2016, you will start receiving your meals in thermal bags with gel packs.  On the next payment cycle, each client will find an additional one time fee of $10.00 for the cost of the thermal bag. Again this fee will be applied only once. Each client must exchange all bags and gel packs next day when the delivery bring the food properly package in the thermal bag with freeze gel packs, in this case replacing the one you receive from previous day.

5. Bag Return POLICY 

Clients need to leave bags and ice gel packs out for pickup on their next delivery date. Clients agree to never have more than 2 bags in their ownership at any time during their enrollment. Clients having 3 or more bags in their ownership at any given time might be charged a $10.00 expense for every bag out surpassing 2 bags at that specific day. All bags and ice packs must be recovered on your last delivery. Toward the end of administration, and after one endeavor to gather all exceptional Clean Meals Miami bag, a $10.00 per pack non-refundable unreturned bag expense will be charged for every bag client currently possesses. Unreturned bag expenses will be charged on the Credit Card we have on record.   


For well being reasons, by no means will Clean Meals Miami accept to bring back any food or recipient to our kitchen.  All returned or unwanted food will be automatically trash out. 


Clean Meals Miami can't accept clients with serious or life debilitating sustenance hypersensitivities. By agreeing to Clean Meals Miami, you consent to our terms and conditions and comprehend that Clean Meals Miami is not in charge of any food allergic reaction or susceptible responses to the food, whether it be mild or severe. We set up our food in a facility that handles nuts, gluten, dairy, shellfish and other regular sustenance allergens. We can't promise no cross sullying. We urge you to use caution when selecting Clean Meals Miami. In the event that you have a moderate to serious sustenance hypersensitivity, we can't serve you. It would be ideal if you contact Customer Service at 305.964.8179 on the off chance that you have any inquiries with respect to this notice.

8. Advertising

By turning into a client, or by finishing any of our online structures at, you consent to be naturally picked into be reached by telephone, email, mail or by content for an assortment of limited time or record related messages by Clean Meals Miami and any of Clean Meals Miami's auxiliaries or outsider favored advertising accomplices. On the off chance that whenever, you wish not to get communication(s) from us, you can quit our messages by tapping the Unsubscribe catch in the footer of our messages. In the event that you wish for us not to get in touch with you by telephone, please email and request that be put on our Do Not Call list. On the off chance that you wish not to get future mailings from us, email to and request that be set on our Do Not Mail list. Every versatile endorser may whenever, for any reason, quit the portable advertising effort subsequent to getting a content from us by answering STOP.

8. Caution

Consuming crude or undercooked meats, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your danger of foodborne ilness.

Last Revision 08/04/2016