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6 Types of Lettuce


Lettuce comes in many types around the world, they are all healthy and we are going to show you some of the most common here.

1. Arugula

Originating from the Mediterranean, this green tastes earthy and slightly tart with a bold, peppery kick. The shape of an arugula leaf is similar to oakleaf lettuce, with rounded edges that undulate from broad to slight. The edges of baby arugula aren't as defined.

Arugula can be eaten raw, in bold-flavored salads; wilted into pasta; cooked into a gratin; or blended into a pesto-like spread.

2. Butterhead lettuce

A type of head lettuce, the leaves of Boston and bibb lettuces are soft. And as this variety's name implies, the texture of a butter lettuce is indeed smooth like butter. Bibb is the more expensive of the two and is often sold in a plastic container to protect the delicate leaves.

The tender leaves of butter lettuce work best in delicate salads, but their broad, flexible leaves can also be used as a wrap.

3. Coral lettuce

Coral is a looseleaf variety and can be bright green, deep red, or speckled. The sturdy, crisp leaves have tight, frilly curls and a mild flavor.

The tight curls of coral lettuce are adept at trapping dressing. The crisp but tender variety also makes a great sandwich or burger lettuce.

4. Escarole

A type of chicory, this mildly bitter leafy green is large and crisp. Escarole is often used in soups and paired with beans, reflecting its popularity in Italian cuisine.

Escarole is delicious raw, in salads, or cooked—especially when paired with beans in a stew.

5. Little Gem lettuce

Although Little Gem lettuce resembles baby romaine, it's actually a full grown variety. The leaves are crisp, sweet, and sturdy.

Its small stature means the leaves are ready to be tossed whole into a salad. It's also wonderful in sandwiches or wraps and can even be sliced in half and charred on the grill.

6. Looseleaf lettuce

They have a mild flavor and are very pliable, despite the crunchy stem. Their uneven ruffled surfaces add layers of texture to salads. 

Looseleaf lettuce can go wherever you want it to go. Because the leaves are so large, it's best to tear them up into bite-size pieces for salad. They're also great puréed into soup and the broad, tender leaves combined with the sturdy rib make for exceptional lettuce wraps.

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