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What is the Maintenance diet?


Once the goal of losing the pounds necessary to reach a healthy weight has been achieved, the challenge of maintaining it arises. If we eat a varied and balanced diet and apply the correct lifestyle habits, there will be no fear of the balance.

This diet has been created for those who feel that they have achieved the ideal weight but do not want to regain those extra pounds. There are several ways to carry out the maintenance diet, but the main point is to maintain healthy habits. Introducing food progressively and a gradual increase in caloric intake will allow the body to get used to this intake but without gaining weight. 

The benefits of this type of diet are very wide and little by little they are being felt in the body, people begin to feel more energetic, sleep better, improve their immune system and of course lose weight. However, what stands out the most when it comes to a maintenance diet is that you progressively change your lifestyle and it is maintained over time.


  • It is about achieving a "food philosophy" that normalizes our diet to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Remember to eat variety, including foods from all groups and at the correct frequencies.

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