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3 Myths about Keto Diet

A lot of people wonder if the keto diet is the ultimate low-carb diet. The first question they ask is if it is safe to follow regularly. Second, they look for recommendations—both from peers and fitness experts. So. what is our verdict? Let’s explore some common keto myths and the facts behind them.

1) Keto diet makes you fat

The keto diet is fat-based, having low-carbs. Naturally, people are under the presumption that consuming high amounts of fat will make you fat. This is a dangerous keto myth. We’ve been conditioned to root for low-fat food products, so it is hard to prepare yourself mentally. But here’s what happens. In junk foods, sugar and high carb content are what causes weight gain. The Keto diet helps you eliminate processed fats and replace them with high-quality fats like avocados, dairy, etc. When you follow the diet, your body will get into a ketosis process, which is a metabolic process that burns fat instead of glucose. Overall, this helps in being energetic and still losing weight at the same time.

2) You can eat any amount of protein in a keto diet

The proportion of fats, proteins, and carbs varies with the particular goal you want to achieve. So, people usually have the dual goal of losing weight and building muscle at the same time. In such a scenario, they resort to excessive protein consumption. This actually prevents ketosis from occurring properly. The ideal ratio of proteins should not exceed 5% of the daily calorie intake for normal individuals. The best option is to consult a fitness expert who will help you break down the ratio based on your BMI and fitness goals.

3) Keto causes dehydration

This keto myth is prevalent largely in tropical countries, and for the right reasons. Since our body will not be burning glucose, it is expected to face dehydration. In the first few weeks, your body will undergo a transition face due to ketosis. Due to this, you will lose a lot of water through frequent urination. Your body will feel less bloated, too, as you will lose electrolytes like sodium along with urine.

The keto diet can truly transform your body and your lifestyle. With some effort, you can get away from stress eating, sugar cravings, and other stress-induced habits that cause weight gain. It is challenging to cut down carbs so drastically, but a lot can be achieved with the right guidance and encouragement.

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